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42 Calle Brasil
Valencia, 46018

+34 963 704 571

LAMPISTER creates exclusive Crystal Chandeliers since 1970. Made in Valencia, Spain.

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Lampister is a family-run company based in Valencia which has been creating and manufacturing craftwork decoration lighting equipment since 1970. The whole manufacturing process takes place on our premises, which enables us to guarantee full quality control on our products.

For years, we have specialised in the manufacturing of classical luminaires made of Swarovski®-type  cut crystal while maintaining our presence in the market for well over 30 years. This is something  we have achieved by never forgetting certain values which we consider to be essential, such as always favouring quality as our top priority, focussing our attention on the finishing of our products down to the minutest detail, using noble materials or always working with original and unique designs.

Without giving up our original policy, maintaining our tradition and without forgetting the values mentioned above, over the past few years we have worked with the aim of ‘updating’ our crystal lamps by trying to adapt them to a more modern aesthetic appearance and striving to do away once for all with the classical-crystal lamp stereotype. The publication of our catalogue “Contemporary Crystal” was the first step in this direction. We firmly believe that a crystal luminaire is by no means incompatible with the latest trends of interior design. In fact, we think that it may not only blend together perfectly with them but also add to the overall aesthetic effect in such a way that it will certainly come as a surprise to more than one observer.

This collection consists of more than twenty models. It will suggest various alternatives, from the surprisingly novel interpretation of the classical chandelier (model B689) to the versatility of the hanging fixture B683 or the sobriety of the suspension model B696, all of them providing the end-user with a whole range of options which are bound to suit the requirements of each individual environment.

In 2007, coinciding with the celebration of Euroluce in Milan, Lampister launched its new product line: LAMPISTER UP. Lampister intends to be a logical evolution of the product manufactured by us up to now. Therefore, these are lamps that are mainly made with Strass® Swarovski® Crystal.

LAMPISTER UP sprang out of the ambition to create a new category of innovative crystal lamps. We are talking about very high quality products aimed at an audience with mid-range to high purchasing power. These are new concepts, new materials, unique items..., but without losing sight of our original values (the artistic and traditional origins of our manufacturing process).

About our business, at present we export 80% or our production to countries of Central Europe, East Europe, Asia, Middle East or South America